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DW Forum - Thanks Tom for coming here and spending some time with us.

Tom Bleecker - Thanks for having me here DM.

DW Forum - Do you think Bruce saw his death coming?

Tom Bleecker - It appears that he did. Remember, he did tell Linda a few weeks before he died that he "didn't think that he would live as long as she because he couldn't keep this up much longer."

DW Forum - Was Bruce Lee beaten up on July 20th 1973, no way medicine can do that to your face. he was posioned, went to bed, then beaten up, then they put his clothes on and forget about his second show?

Also his body is not really buried in seattle?

Tom Bleecker - I seriously doubt that Bruce as beaten up on July 20th. The swelling of his face is not uncommon. Compare Bruce's face to that of Elvis Presley. The swelling was caused by retention of water, in his face and his brain.

DW Forum - Just before Brandon died he claimed that he has evidence about the real death of his father is this true?Do you know more about it??

Tom Bleecker - I have heard that Brandon had made a public statement that he intended on reopening the investigation of his father's death after he (Brandon) finished filming "The Crow." When I was married to Linda, Brandon often came to the house to sit in what I called "The Bruce Lee Room" and read over his father's files.

DW Forum - Was Bruce given poison by his herbalist and this caused his death?

Tom Bleecker - Certainly a strong possibility.

DW Forum - To ask a expert as yourself only one question is very hard so I put my question like this .Here a rough run down on a few points, can you tell me if I am off track or close ?

Bruce was a legal resident of the County of Los Angeles , state of California at the time of his death ( this is strange but I reading it for a legal document) After his death his estate was valued at 2,797,351.00 $US dollars. Bruce's assets were in Wu Ngan name and after Bruce's passing Wu Ngan recieved a large sum of money from Linda's lawyer to sort this out and quicky disappeared and returned to England. In 1974 two Insurance companys only payed half of the amount on the polices and were unable to obtain a copy of the Autopsy report , not because of what it included but what was missing in the report pointed to something much more ... There was a big row the night before Lee died with Raymond Chow over the business accounts and even after Bruce's passing the were problems over the rights to Enter the Dragon. Bruce is not buried in Seattle. Bruce's body was in an unusual conidition not link to the offical story of his passing. Betty Ting Pei a few years after Lee's passing gave some of Bruce's clothes to a famous Hong Kong comedian. Both the HK police and insurance company invesagated Lee's drug connections and quietly closed the case.

Raymond Chow about to lose the biggest part of his business so he had Bruce poisioned though his drug use (cannabis) unable to prove this , and because of Chow past connections to the Taiwan Grove, something like the C.I.A. , Linda and Marshall closed the book on the case and got as much of the money from the insurance company as they could for Linda and the kids.

Tom Bleecker - I didn't see a question in your post. That said, I do agree with most, or all, of what you posted. Please email me sometime at your convenience, and I can share some things that were not in UM. Incidentally, I would like to purchase a copy of your book if you will give me a link.

DW Forum - Regarding your time spent in Hong Kong for Unsettled Matters, were you able to speak with Betty about July 20th or was she unavailable at the time? She does seem more candid than the rest of the lot there. Perhaps her conscience and love for Bruce,it seems. Although like the others, she spun a few white lies as to her whereabouts on 7/20, a short time later, she seemed to open the door more than anyone else would have been willing to.I still find it hard to believe there are some who refuse to believe that there was a love affair going on between them, no big deal it happens to many,actors and non actors alike. I wonder what she is recollecting on this day in Hong Kong? I would think today,the press is having quite a time with her.

Tom Bleecker - There is no question but that Bruce and Betty had an ongoing love affair, and you're right, it isn't all that uncommon, inside and outside Hollywood. Yes, I have talked with Betty, and I found her to be honest and down to earth. And yes, she did have a great love for Bruce.

DW Forum - Was Lee's grave really filled with cement years later?

Tom Bleecker - I doubt that Linda would have allowed Bruce's grave to be filled with cement. That said, I had a problem in my investigative work with regard to finding a burial certificate in Seattle. By law, the death certificate and burial certificate must follow the body. I didn't get into this in UM, but the suggestion was that Bruce's body was not in the grave in Seattle, but the evidence was, and still is, vague.

DW Forum - Do you know the exact cause of his death and also what are your favorite memories of bruce?and finally what are your future plans? and where do u see yourself in 5-10 years?

Tom Bleecker - My favorite memories of Bruce are many. I loved the laughter, and I especially loved being in his presence when he was a spoiler to so many great masters. He really did have an incredible talent. The cause of death? We can start by dismissing the single pill of Equagesic. Beyond that, my sense is (1) poisoning, or (2) drug abuse of which Bruce was unawares, mainly cortisone and anabolic steriods and diuretics.

DW Forum - Are they legal resons why the Death cert and Autopsy report are hidden ? I thought they would be a matter of public record in Hong Kong. If so can you reveal what is the time of death on the Death cert ( I relised this would have been done by the doctor at the hospital) and whats in or not in the autopsy report that makes it so keep from view. The morgue photo seems to show dents on the forehead and side of the face and something strange with his neck, can you explain ?

Can you tell so what happen to Bruce once they took him to hospital , I understand he was left on the floor for sometime and move from one dept to another before they try in vain to revive him with electric shocks to the heart (?) etc and the autopsy was not done until Monday (he died on friday) ?

Tom Bleecker - There is nothing in the autopsy (cause of death ruled brain edema) and Bruce was DOA at Queen's and had been dead for some time prior to transport.

DW Forum - I can't imagine anyone ever owning up to taking part in a cover up,so what evidence would be needed to open an official investigation into the deaths of Bruce and Brandon ?

Tom Bleecker - The issue of the death of Bruce Lee is closed forever. The reason being that the English Hong Kong police department and British government no longer exists. Hong Kong has now returned to Mainland China. As to Brandon's tragic death, this is still open to new information and evidence.

DW Forum - Thankyou very much for answering the questions Tom.

Tom Bleecker - My pleasure!