Documentary Reviews \ The Man & The Legend

This was made in Hong Kong and is equally as cool as Legend. It starts off showing a lengthy 15 minutes of footage from Bruce's funeral. Showing the streets packed with literally thousands of mourning fans, basically everyone who knew Bruce Lee with the exception of Run Run Shaw and Betty Ting Pei is here, Everyone bows to a portrait of Bruce, before his coffin is brought out, the whole thing has a very eerie feeling to it.

Then after the funeral, we see Bruce's house in Kowloon Tong, showing loads of Bruce's possessions, like his stereo, paintings, weights and even his dog. Then we see very rare pics (Only seen on this documentary.

Followed by celebrities talking, although you can't understand any of them. Later Bruce himself is talking about The Big Boss, This is the only documentary where you'll hear Bruce speaking in Cantonese using his own voice.

The best bit is where it shows loads of pics of Bruce flexing all put together like an animation. He's bearded and topless and as always looks harder than steel.

Again, it shows pics of Bruce in his Cantonese period costumes, but in black and white, while "Legend", has them in colour. Followed by some more film clips near the end.

Another must have documentary, great stuff.

Rating out of 5: