Documentary Reviews \ The Legend

A very cool documentary, containing some rare footage. The opening titles are the best I've ever seen on a documentary, talking about mythical legends showing flying armed warriors, then the voice says, "And then A new legend was born", it then shows loads of clips with cool music in the background, very satisfying.

The highlights are the many pics of Bruce wearing his Cantonese period costumes. Showing Bruce wielding various weapons such as swords, knives and huge staffs, no doubt this would have been a fantastic film should he have made it. The other highlight is the rare footage from The "REAL" Game of Death. Danny Inosanto and Chi Hon Tsoi are training with guards outside the pagoda, it also shows some outtakes and screen tests.

I guess the best bit was the bit cut from the UK version, it shows Inosanto on the floor swinging wildly at Bruce's fight with his nunchakus. Also a clip where Bruce is dancing about hitting Inosanto in the arms and knees, then just swinging the nunchakus about really taking the piss out of him.

It also shows the screen test Bruce attended that eventually gained him the role in The Green Hornet as Kato. The clips from his childhood films are amusing, showing My Son Ah Cheun, the only film where Bruce appeared with his father Lee Hoi Cheun. It also shows the bit where he beats Unicorn Chan with a sweeping Brush and also the scene where he beats up an old man.

Another bit worthy of mention is where two martial artists demonstrate some of Bruce's techniques taken from his book published in 1963, "Chinese Gung Fu".

Later on it shows clips from allL of Bruce's films and the end bit is a great tribute showing water and a philosophy appears on screen talking about "The Void", then the credits roll featuring more outtakes and cool music.

A documentary packed with rare clips and pictures, a definite must have.

Rating out of 5: