Documentary Reviews \ Intercepting Fist

This has a good feel to it, with nice opening sequences, starting with a Longstreet scene featuring a guy asking Bruce what his style is, Bruce replies "Jeet Kune Do, The Way of the Intercepting Fist", then this well ace music kicks in.

Rather than showing loads of clips and stills, this documentary shows people talking about Bruce himself. Guests are Danny Inosanto, Andre Morgan, George Lazenby, quite a few JKD guys, there's plenty of guys who have their own little say. James Coburn says some amusing stuff. He's talking about when he and Bruce were practising side kicks out on his patio, "He side kicked this 150lb bag and it shot right up into the air, it then busted in the middle, it was filled with little bits and pieces of rag, we were picking up bits of rag for months!".

It's also the only documentary to show quite a bit from Longstreet. Also clips from the Bruce vs Inosanto fight are placed here and there, the documentary is divided up into little sections with each section ending with Bruce spinning his nunchakus under his arm from Game of Death with the words "Intercepting Fist" appearing on screen.

The music track it plays goes with the documentary very well, which is narrated by Walt Missingham, the 1st non Chinese to train at the shaolin temple. Another funny bit is where Coburn talks about Bruce punching a ball on an aeroplane and driving him nuts (Probably during the flight to India when location hunting for The Silent Flute). Very well presented and put together.

The only downfall is that it only lasts 48 minutes.

Rating out of 5: