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DW Forum - Welcome to DW Bey, I hope your stay here is a pleasant one. we're all looking forward to asking you some great questions.

Bey Logan - Hi, everybody, and especially my gracious host DM! Its a pleasure to be here. I've never actually done this before, so excuse me if the protocol breaks down. I'm also slow-fingered and long-winded, so, again, bear with me. On to the first question, comment or curse!

DW Forum - What was the main reason for all the cuts to the Big Boss, like the cart scene, 2nd prostitute scene, river scene etc? I can understand them cutting violence in the UK but not the cuts that weren't even that graphic. Was the film too long because I know they did release the full version once, does it still exist somewhere like maybe in the hands of a private collector do you think?

Bey Logan - One thing you have to remember about 'Big Boss' is that it was never produced for the international, non-Asian audience. Back in the 70s, Hong Kong film producers, including Golden Harvest, relied on advance payments from the distributors in other Asian regions (Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand etc) to finance their films. Those distributors each had their own requirements in terms of running time, issues of taste, violence, sex and so on. As a result, several versions of the same film would be edited and released in the various territories. Unfortunately, only one negative of one version would be stored in the Golden Harvest archives, and that became the 'official' version. Over time, the other 35mm prints would wear out, be destroyed or rot away in some humid storage space. That's why I doubt that anyone would have had the foresight to preserve a perfect 35mm print of the 'full' version of 'Big Boss'. As with all the 'lost footage' stories, I'll believe it when I see it!

DW Forum - Are you going to do another DVD commentary if the HKL Dvds get released in the U.S? How much footage is there missing from Game of death and do you think that the public will see them someday? And I heard rumors that there's more missing scenes from Enter the Dragon..... Is that true at all?

Bey Logan - Now this is a topical question. I would very much like to see the HKL DVDs on which I have done commentaries released in the US. However, my former Media Asia colleague, Peter Poon, informs me that the American audience don't like English accents, so my commentaries would have to be re-recorded, with the same information, by an American, maybe someone like Ric Meyers. Peter now works at Fortune Star, the company that owns the rights to the Golden Harvest/Golden Princess titles, and several other Hong Kong film libraries. He's the man with the plan, so we'll see what happens. I think that there are additional scenes from 'Game Of Death' locked away in the Golden Harvest archive. At the very least, there would be the now infamous log fight (and the outtakes therefrom), and the exterior scenes (and those outtakes). For legal reasons, I doubt they'll see the light of day any time soon. There are probably some other interesting odds and ends in the same location, so anyone with a ninja suit and a flashlight, please give me a call. A few reels of outtakes and alternate scenes from 'Enter The Dragon' were discovered in the Media Asia archive. As far as I know, the only time any of it saw the light of day was on a Walt Missingham-produced documentary.

DW Forum - Which members of bruce lee's stunt team have you met and what interesting stories did they tell you. what are they doing now? Do you remember a guy called chris ducker who ran hong kong superstars in london back in '97,i'm an old friend of chris and i remember him telling me about the interesting chats you used to have.i hav'nt seen chris for a few years now, I heard that he is running a marketing company.

Bey Logan - I guess I've met most of the surviving Bruce Lee stunt team members, at one time or another, but I'm not sure what all of them are doing right now. Lam Ching Ying, as you know, passed away some years ago, and I was happy to have the chance to meet and interview him while I was working, briefly, at a Hong Kong newspaper. Zebra Pan I worked with on 'Circus Kids'. I think he's doing other business now. Ah B (Chan Wui Ngai) is still on the scene, and, in fact, was developing a project at EMG at one time. Peter Chan Lung is semi-retired now, and his full-time job seems to be hanging around other people's offices and film sets! I don't have time to relate every story that every one of them told me. I would say one thing. In their day, these guys were part-time stuntmen and full-time streetfighters (or vice versa). They'd been in the kind of throwdowns that the American martial arts champions (with the exception of Gene LeBell) couldn't imagine. To a man, they all say that Bruce Lee was the real deal as a fighter, so its case closed on that one. Funny you should mention Chris, as we exchange emails the other day. He is, indeed, in The Philippines. He was just a boy when he left London. Maybe he'll come back a man. Here's hoping!

DW Forum - After all these years how is bruce lee looked upon by the people of hong kong and south east asia?.....and do they still consider him to be "king of kung fu" so to speak.

Bey Logan - I think Bruce is a genuine icon and cultural hero throughout Asia. You may be misled by the fact that there aren't many shrines and gatherings and memorabilia, but, in the East, its often what's in the heart that counts most. In Hong Kong, people from all walks of life speak of him with great respect. Many of the younger generation of pop idols, people like Eason Chan and Nicholas Tse and Sam Lee, they all think Bruce is 'The King', and so do I!

DW Forum - What was the reason for the demise of kung fu monthly? because i dont remember there being any hint in the last issue that it was going to be the last issue!

Bey Logan - That's often the way with magazine publishing. I think that Bunch Books, who published KFM, were making a lot of money on their computer magazines, and, as the kung fu boom faded, KFM wasn't getting the mainstream sales it once did. I remember getting a call from this guy Peter Lewis, who was, allegedly, a martial arts magazine writer, and he told me the unhappy news. (Bye the way, is Peter Lewis still alive? If so, how can they tell?)

DW Forum - My question is that, a few years back whilst at combat magazine you wrote an exhaustive series on what you believed "at the time" to be the rundown of all GOD footage "lost and found". Then a few years later I saw you mention somewhere that you were somehow "duped" by a guy who swore he'd seen all that footage and then you had your reservations and wish you'd never written the article. (I think it has actually been posted here or another forum at some point too!) In light of all the recent publicity and goings on, what are your feelings towards all of those scenes now? I think that the general consensus , wrong or not, is that there is more but it's being "held back" for monetary gain. Just curious not obsessing!

Bey Logan - It was an Irish fellow named 'Tom' (I genuinely can't remember his last name) who span me that yarn about the extra floors of 'Game Of Death'. Don't remind me! I was such a sucker back then. Anyway, I'm now firmly convinced that he'd been cleaning out the bong back on the Emerald Isle, and the 'extra floors' were generated by whatever blarney weed he'd been smoking. As I mentioned in the reply to an earlier post, I think there is extra 'Game Of Death footage out there, but entire extra floors? I'm afraid not...

DW Forum - If you found the Game of Death dailies covered in chicken droppings in '99, how come others had the footage you found, even before '99?

Bey Logan - Once and for all, there were no chicken droppings! (At least, not what when you discount some of the wilder posts on these forums!) And, as I recall, I found the footage, in the air-conditioned comfort of the Media Asia archive, in 1996. I just couldn't figure out what to do with it until 1999! There may well have been tapes of some or all of the footage circulating earlier than that. I had no knowledge of nor responsibility for the footage in the intervening years between when it was shot and when I found it.

DW Forum - We hear that 20 mins of footage outdoor Game of Death footage has just been "found". Since you were at GH, could you tell us, what if any Game of Death footage remains to be seen?

Bey Logan - About the three hours of unseen 'GOD' outdoor footage...It hasn't been found yet! And, for the record, I've never worked at Golden Harvest. I was at Media Asia, which controlled the Golden Harvest library on behalf of Star TV. Confused? Not as much as we all were... From what I'm given to understand, the latest 'lost' footage is actually rehearsal material shot on videotape. I don't think any more actual film footage from 'Game Of Death' has turned up since I hit the old mother lode back in 1996.

DW Forum - My question: Is there any chance that you will be making a Bruce Lee Documentary of your own? With your exstensive knowledge of Bruce, I am sure you could make a more genuine Doc. as good as, if not better than John Little's 'A Warriors Journey'. You would also make a better commentary!!

Bey Logan - I don't think so. I've been involved, peripherally, anyway, with so many of these projects in the past. Its a sense of 'been there, done that'. I still love Bruce Lee, but, creatively, I get more of a kick out of making new films. For the record, I think John did as good as job as anyone could have with the 'Warrior's Journey' material, given the constraints of time, budget and available material. It was the 'Phantom Menace' thing. After so many years wait, no film was going to fulfil the expectations of the fans. I haven't heard John's commentary yet, as Warners US thoughtfully left if off their disc (but not the packaging), and that's the version distributed here in Hong Kong. The commentary I'd love to do would be 'Enter The Dragon', but I don't see any way for that to happen...

DW Forum - What is your opinion on the Bruce Lee Estate? Do you think shannon is a good choice to run it? Whats happened to the Bruce Lee Education Foundation? It doesnt seem to be working?

Bey Logan - It's hard to know what to make of the current situation, and the personalities involved. I have to believe that, at some level, their intentions are good. Its just their manners that leave a little to be desired. The way John Little was dismissed was beneath contempt. That's America, everyone's got a lawyer and a gun, and they're going to use one or the other to make the world a better place. Personally, I think they should put the Bruce Lee name and image into the hands of people who knows what they're doing. They need a licensing expert to oversee licensing, a sports administrator for the Nucleus and its activities and so on, a web company to do an appropriately cutting edge 'official site'. I think Shannon and the family are probably a little too 'hands on' for their own good. However, if Bruce's name and image are better preserved and promoted over the next few years, their style and methods will be justified.

DW Forum - Could you please give details of what happen to Bruce's game of death co-star Chieh yuan , I heard he died 4 years after bruce with a cerebral edema as well after being the first person to give detail of the GOD script with his wife pregnant ,is this correct do you have any details ?

Bey Logan - I don't know too much about Chieh Yuan. I heard he died as a result of a brain tumour, which isn't quite the same thing. I believe he did do some interviews in which he discussed Bruce and 'Game Of Death'. I'm of the opinion that his talking about 'GOD' and his dying were unrelated.

DW Forum - Unicorn Chan died in a car crash in malaysia during the summer of 1977, any details of this event (date, place etc) ?

Bey Logan - Nope. Got me there. I'm notoriously bad with numbers (which is why I'm not richer than I am!). I'm pretty sure it took place in Malaysia, though.

DW Forum - Could you give a quick bio of Betty Ting Pei?

Bey Logan - I believe she is of Taiwanese extraction, and was being groomed as a starlet at Golden Harvest. She had supporting roles in a number of films of that era. Raymond Chow introduce her to Bruce and they had, at least, a very passionate friendship! After Bruce's death, she continued acting. She's in 'Stoner', with George Lazenby. She also made 'Bruce Lee : His Last Days...' for Shaw Brothers, and subsequently retired. She did appear on a TVB talk show, and I remember the comedian Nat Chan persistently asking her to define her relationship with Lee publically. Jon Benn used to see her around town, and apparently she was quite a character. She subsequently married Charles Heung, one of the high-profile bosses at China Star, with whom she had a daughter. They subsequently divorced, and she has since kept a low profile.

DW Forum - In regard to Chan Wai Man, are you aware of any triad connection? Did he see Bruce on 20th July 73?

Bey Logan - I think everyone knows Chan Wai Man's background, and he himself has been very open about it in interviews, so I don't need to go into it again here! I understand he may have been at the famous dinner with Chow and Lazenby. For the record, I certainly don't think Chan's 'connections' have any relevance to Lee's death.

DW Forum - Working in Hong Kong, what interesting information have you come across in regard to Lee's passing?

Bey Logan - Honestly, I think the facts speak for themselves, and I'm constantly surprised more people don't apply Conan Doyle's famous dictum that, "when you eliminate the possible, what remains, however improbable, must be true." I think the reason for his demise is obvious. The question is, was it accident or malice, and no-one's been able to prove that one way or the other. (At least, not to my satisfaction.)

DW Forum - Do you think we'll see some good stuff next year since its the 30th anniversary of Bruce's passing and of Enter the Dragon. It would nice to see a DVD with all of the supposedly unseen scenes like the extended nunchaku sequence and the taunting about Jeet Kune Do to Bob Wall.

Bey Logan - Regarding 30th anniversary materials, I'm sure we will see something from the Estate. After their disappointing treatment of 'Warrior's Journey', I doubt we'll see any more Bruce Lee related projects from Warner Bros for the time being. Has the footage you refer to actually been located? There is extra 'Enter The Dragon' footage, and Warners could have put it on their 'Enter' DVD. Unfortunately, the two parties, Media Asia and Warners, didn't communicate in time.

DW Forum - Also do you believe in the future that you will have the chance to do an Enter the Dragon commentary. The one that Warner Brothers did was really bad and your commentaries on the Hong Kong Legends DVD were very good. You know more than anyone and I loved listening to all of them especially the one about the guy buying Jon Benn's crusty cigar.

Bey Logan - The good thing about the bad 'Enter The Dragon' commentary was that it inspired me to do a better job with 'Fist Of Fury', and subsequent Bruce titles. If the Paul Heller one had been really great, I might have been too intimidated to do my own! As I mentioned earlier, I'd love to do an 'Enter The Dragon' DVD commentary, but I don't see how it could happen. Thanks for the kind words, and, believe me, cigars don't get much crustier than Jon's...

DW Forum - Did Bruce really have a real life fight with a mongolian wrestler,and how true are the stories about bruce being attacked at an airport and what was the outcome. I find it strange how many people keep strangely quite about there experinces with Bruce Lee, I don't know why this is and it would be great if the stunt team would write a book about there time with the lee legend.

Bey Logan - I met James Tien once, many years ago, at Golden Harvest studios, during an early trip to Hong Kong. Unfortunately, I didn't speak any Cantonese at that time, and he didn't seem to speak much English. From what I gather, he's really not that forthcoming regarding Bruce. He may feel that he would have been a bigger star had Bruce not come back and pushed him into supporting roles. The last I heard of him, he was fat, retired and living in Taiwan! I believe Bruce did have a match with a Hong Kong martial artist who had trained in some kind of Mongolian wrestling style. From what I gather, Bruce dispatched him pretty fast, and paid for his medical expenses. I don't think the airport attack took place anywhere outside of 'Bruce Lee : The Man And The Myth'! You have to understand that, in Hong Kong, its considered very bad form to appear to ride on the coat-tails of someone else's fame. That doesn't just apply to Bruce, but any famous person. Most actors decline to give interviews unless they have a specific film to promote. The younger stars are more outgoing, but, of course, the ones who worked with Bruce are older, and therefore more traditional in their outlook. The perception that they are scared to speak out for fear of recrimination is false.

DW Forum - What can you please tell us about the fat guy from ay of the Dragogon Ah Goone?, I know you mentioned some things on the DVD but my minds just gone blank (Its still early here haha). He replaced Li Quin which was a good thing because I quite like this guy much better. What was his name and did he make many more films please? I know after Bruce died a lot of films included the Bruce Lee co stars, kinda like the "Carry On" spin offs with the "Carry On" actors, films that were LIKE the Carry On films but wasn't titled as such. Also who do you personally prefer out of Li Quin and this guy as an actor in the Bruce Lee films? Makes you wonder if he had to be paid extra just for being made to wear that shirt, with Bruce's crazy dress sense I wonder if Bruce picked it for him

Bey Logan - That guy's stage name is Chin Ti. He's from Taiwan. A lot of Taiwanese actors found work in Hong Kong in the 60s and 70s, because the films were shot in the Mandarin, rather than Cantonese, dialect. He was in a bunch of Golden Harvest films, pretty much playing the same doofus character. In fact, he and Lee Quan appear side-by-side opposite Robert Lee in the film he made for Golden Harvest, 'The Lady Killer'. The reason you saw a lot of the people who worked with Bruce in subsequent Golden Harvest films is that they were contract players at the studio. Its true that some were also drafted in to star alongside the Bruce Li guys. I think Lee Quan was a better actor. I liked his performance in the film 'Skyhawk', and he starred in a quirky little Stephen Chiau-style movie called 'Shantung Man In Hong Kong', which Lo Wei directed. As for the shirt, I'm fairly sure that was on loan from Ric Meyers...

DW Forum - There's been recent news that all of Lee's appearences on hong kong tv are due for some kind of release,i Iwas told that such tapes were data wiped, are you aware of any impending release of such footage. How does copyright issues take affect concerning George Tan's thousands of unseen lee pics, George Tan has mentioned that the pics are registered at the library of congress.would the relevant film company take legal action if george tan tried to publish those tracking the dragon books.

Bey Logan - there's been recent news that all of lee's appearences on hong kong tv are due for some kind of release,i was told that such tapes were data wiped,are you aware of any impending release of such footage. As far as I know, the only clear Hong Kong t.v footage to survive from that era is the very brief clip of Bruce breaking some boards, which has been used ad infinitum. Then there's some very blurry, silent material of Bruce and Brandon on a talk show, apparently shot off a t.v monitor with another camera, that's circulated on various tapes. Everything else was wiped. TVB charge a ridiculous amount for the funeral footage they shot, so, believe me, if they had any more Bruce material in the archive, they'd have exploited it by now. How does copyright issues take affect concerning george tan's thousands of unseen lee pics,george tan has mentioned that the pics are registered at the library of congress. Would the relevant film company take legal action if george tan tried to publish those tracking the dragon books.American copyright law recognises three specific sets of rights : likeness rights, image rights and basic rights of ownership. You have to clear all three sets before you commercially exploit the image of any person, dead or alive. In Bruce's case, the 'likeness' rights, the rights a person has to their own appearance, lie with the Estate. If the image concerned was evidently a film still, the 'image rights' would remain with the original studio, be it Golden Harvest or Warner Bros. What George has are 'rights of ownership', because he legitimately bought the photos from the man who took them. This is really a question for George, or even Davis, but I presume the reason the 'Tracking The Dragon' books have never come out is that no legitimate publisher would print such a book, without receiving clearances on every image. The responsibility to provide such clearances lies with the author. I also doubt that George had the financing necessary to self-publish the books, back in the 80s, when he first announced them.

DW Forum - I remember my brother visiting the far east a long time ago and he said he saw a giant bruce lee picture hanging outside some biulding (hong kong i think) do you know if its still there? and also what is your most treasured memory as a fan of bruce lee over all these years.

Bey Logan - Yes, the big Bruce Lee picture still exists, and its right outside my apartment! Just kidding. I don't know of any such image. Maybe it was a temporary poster advertising an event, or else an advertising campaign, of which there have been several, using Bruce's picture. Regarding Bruce-related memories, I'd have to say that the moment I discovered the 'Game Of Death' outtakes was pretty special. I also enjoyed meeting Brandon when I did, and the Japanese Bruce Lee fan tours were always a lot of fun.

DW Forum - Theres stories now of Way of the Dragon Behind the Scenes footage, have you seen or know anything of these please?

Bey Logan - I've been hearing about that footage for years, but neither I, nor anyone I know, has actually seen it for themselves. The story I heard was that one of the editors saved some off-cuts, and then lent the film to someone who never returned it, and that the film now lies in the hands of our old friend APC (A Private Collector). Its meant to be Bruce goofing off on the set of 'Way', doing the cha-cha while swinging his nunchakus, that kind of thing. If someone has it, lets all take a look. Otherwise, enough already!

DW Forum - Does the Bruce Lee episode of Blondie exist, he was meant to be in it but theres no pics or footage?

Bey Logan - I guess it must exist, because its been referred to in so many books and articles. It does seem strange that not one still survives, let alone the actual show. Maybe its in the Hollywood equivalent of the Golden Harvest archives, an elephant's (or dragon's) graveyard where old films go to die!

DW Forum - do you know who this is ? spelled phonetically - "Chong E Itsu". I heard at one stage you were going to made a doc of all the famous Bruce Lee locations in Hong Kong ? What were these locations ? I hope you do this even if just using a cheap video camera driving around. I would be quite happy to paid for a tape like this and I am sure you would have other fans happy to do so as well. I am not aware of anything simlar to this around and it would only take a cheap video camera as I said. Locations would include Bruce Lee’s Home 41 Cumberland Rd Kowloo, Golden Harvest Film Studios 8 Hammerhill Rd Kowloon, Betty Ting’s Flat 2a 67 Beaconhill Rd Kowloon, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Off Gascoigne Rd, Kowloon Funeral Parlour, The famous airport too of course, And the famous restuart where Chow was waiting on the 20th july And any other location I have missed out. A complete video of the drive from Bruce's home to Betty's old flat would be interesting. I really do hope you make this. And I think you could make it quite easy in 1 or 2 days with a cheap video camera. I am sure you would have many fans that would buy such a tape.

Bey Logan - I can't say I know of whom you speak. It looks a little like a Korean name. Can you give us a clue? Regarding the 'sites of the dragon' documentary, yes, I was involved in the early stages. It was a project I conceived for Jon Benn. He was going to take viewers on a guided tour of 'Bruce Lee's Hong Kong'. It was going to be shot and edited by 'Impact' guy Mike Leeder. They shot two days, and that was it. Why it didn't get finished is a question for them! I am certain that, if they ever did get it done, it would sell well with the fans. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I don't really have any plans or desire to do another Bruce Lee documentary. There have been at least three too many as it is!

DW Forum - How did you manage to get a job in hong kong and especially with media asia?

Bey Logan - I first moved to Hong Kong to write and produce a film called 'Tiger Storm', which was going to star Gary Daniels. My partner and friend Mark Houghton was also producing, and was going to co-star. It was a real nightmare experience from first to last, and I was about to pack it in and go back to England. Then Donnie Yen invited me to go and act with him in 'Circus Kids'. That was a lot of fun, and he encouraged me to pursue a write and producing career in Hong Kong. I also think he didn't have many friends in Hong Kong, and wanted me to stick around to keep him company! Donnie and I developed various projects, one of which became the now infamous 'Ballistic Kiss'! Meanwhile, I was living a pretty Bohemian existence in this cool roof-top apartment, right next to the old airport. I used to jog to Bruce Lee's old house every day! Then I met the future Mrs.Logan, and she insisted that, if I wanted to marry her, I had to get a proper job (curses!). I joined the late and unlamented Eastern Express newspaper for a little under a year. During that time, I met Nicholas James, who was an executive at Media Asia. After Eastern Express folded, he offered me a job with MA. He was the one who really brought me into the industry proper, for which I will always be very grateful. (Claire Forlani's character in 'Highbinders', Nicole James, is named after him!) I stayed on at MA, survived various changes of the guard, and ended up working on the two Jackie Chan documentaries, 'My Story' and 'My Stunts', and the two 'Gen-X Cops' films. To cut a short story long, I got the chance to write the Jackie Chan film 'Highbinders', so I left MA to join EMG. That's the basic 'how' and 'why'. Let me know what else you want to know!

DW Forum - I know you have studied many martial art styles, in your opinion which has been the most effective for you? also who did you learn wing chun from? do you think if bruce was still around, his concepts on jkd would have had a detremental effect on some styles of martial arts.

Bey Logan - For my size, body weight and disposition, definitely Hung Gar, the style of the great Wong Fei-hung. I'm more of a Southern Fist kind of guy. However, I still maintain my flexibility, and I do bagwork, using kickboxing moves, because its great cardio and conditions you to experience the impact of delivering a blow. I still do some sparring when I can. I'd love to have more time to explore different arts. When we were doing 'Highbinders', I did some boxing with Paul Andreovski, who is Jackie's personal boxing trainer, and some Tai Chi with Wu Gong, another of Jackie's stunt team. I'm lucky that I get to meet and work out with the best in the world. I learned Wing Chun from several people. First off was Eddie Yeoh, in London, Shaun Rawcliffe, in Burrmingham, Nick Smart, also in Burrmingham. I had the best time training at Nino Bernardo's place, The Basement. One of my best friend's, David Peterson, teaches Wing Chun in Melbourne, but we've never trained together! My own feeling is that, had Bruce Lee lived, he would have focussed most of his energies on film-making, and been involved in martial arts only for his own training. Jeet Kune Do, as something people taught commercially, would have ceased to exist. Numerically, it ceased to exist anyway. Ironically, its the hard styles that Bruce denounced, Taekwondo, Shotokan and so on, that have benefitted most from the Bruce Lee phenomenon!

DW Forum - Whats Whang Jang Lee doing nowadays and how would you compare him to Bruce Lee, I've always marked them up as being pretty even. Also can you please tell us how you go about doing a commentary, are you watching the film on a big screen by yourself and with a mike or are other people in there too? Please give us an insight into the world of commentary.

Bey Logan - First off, regarding the present whereabouts of Wang Jang Lee, I wish I knew! Our man in Korea, Mike Leeder, was trying to locate him for an HKL interview, but no luck yet. As far as I know, he's out of the industry now, and doing different kinds of business. In terms of real-life skills, the guy is definitely up there. His on-screen mastery is evident. He's also a Vietnam veteran, and was once prepared to engage in a death match at Golden Harvest studios! Full respect to him, and I hope he surfaces soon. I didn't really realise how hard it was to do Hong Kong commentaries until other people started trying! Several genuine Hong Kong cinema experts have run screaming from the studio after fifteen minutes, which is what I felt like doing when I did my first one! A hundred and ten minutes plus is a long time to talk to yourself! There are two types of commentary. The ones where you sit with the director or one of the stars are very easy (unless you're Stefan Hammond and you get stuck with Michael Wong!). You can keep asking them questions, or else just chat among yourselves. The real challenge is the solo commentary. That's what separates the men from the Morlocks. The first time I agreed to do a commentary, for the Mega Star release of 'Fist Of Fury', I thought it would be a walk in the park. I figured I knew a lot about Bruce Lee, and had seen the film dozens of times. Ten minutes in, I dried up, literally and figuratively. I went home, embarrassed, and spent the next eight hours researching, ringing people, watching the film in detail... I came back the next day and finished the job, certain I'd never be asked to do a commentary again! Now I know what's required, I spend hours preparing background material, so I always have something to talk about. Once I'm in the studio, its normally me, the technician and the movie, and that's it! Even given the high crash and burn ratio, I'd like to see more different people doing commentaries, so, anyone interested, contact Brian at HKL!

DW Forum - Do you have any more info about Russel Cawthorn's documentary he was due to be making on the "Game of Death" that was to feature behind the scenes from the '78 version.

Bey Logan - Russell's planned 'Game Of Death' documentary expanded to become 'Bruce Lee, The Legend'. It was felt that a piece devoted to Bruce Lee as an icon would sell better than one focussing on a single film. Some of the footage Russell shot was incorporated into the 'GOD' section of 'Legend'. There must be a lot more lying around in, guess where?, the Golden Harvest archives. It would be interesting to see, anyway, but I don't think it would include any genuine Bruce Lee footage.

DW Forum - A little off topic but do you know what Rick Baker has been up to lately besides the bbc choice/Johnathon Ross Kung fu series? He's been very quiet the past few years , which , if I can take the liberty, is quite unlike him!

Bey Logan -As I'm sure everyone knows, Rick was the guy with the beard going "Get him!" in the 'Way Of The Dragon' alleyway fight (and Chris Alexis was the black guy with the tie-died shirt and the knife.) That was the first glimpse most of us had of a legendary individual. Rick was, and is, one of the enduring (and sometimes endearing) characters of the Hong Kong film fan community. I can say, categorically, that, without access to the, ahem, 'unauthorised' Hong Kong videos that Rick used to sell, the Hong Kong cult would not have taken hold in the UK to the extent that it did. As to where he's been of late, would that I knew! He came to Hong Kong many times over the years, but seldom had time to meet a small potato like me. He did manage to give me a call when he heard I was in Dublin with Jackie and Sammo for 'Highbinders', but apparently he was on some kind of 'high priority watch list' maintained by the Irish security forces, and so could not visit the set. (It was related to a 1983 incident involving a Turkish carpet, an aluminium container full of what turned out to be camel droppings and a third generation videotape copy of 'Longstreet', in black and white...) Everyone who ever met him has a Rick Baker story, and I've got a ton! However, now is hardly the time or place... Suffice it to say, we shall not look upon his kind again...

DW Forum - Money is no object,you have been asked to make the ultimate kung fu movie!! what would the plot be and who would star in it? It doesnt matter whether there dead or alive because they would bring them back to life just for you.

Bey Logan - That's a dangerous question, because I might actually get to make such a movie one day! One idea would be a remake of the old Golden Harvest flick, 'The Invincible Eight', with my line-up of the greatest martial arts stars of all time:

Jackie Chan : Master of the Drunken Style
Donnie Yen : Master of the Lightning Legs Style
Michelle Yeoh : Mistress of the Bootylicious Style
Tomisaburo Wakayama : Master of the Japanese sword
Jet Li : Master of Chinese weapons
Zhang Ziyi : Master of the Chinese sword
Sammo Hung : Master of the Southern Fist
and Bruce Lee : Master of all styles, and no style...

I'd send them on a journey across Asia, from Tibet to Hong Kong, protecting a legendary lama on a mission of mercy.

Whaddya think?

DW Forum - Can you tell us more about the role where you played Bob Baker, who else starred in the movie? Was any of the actors from the original film there? What was the movie called?

Bey Logan - It was actually a t.v series based on 'Fist Of Fury', and it starred Donnie Yen as Chen Jun. The only veteran from the original movie (that I can remember) was an actor/stuntman called Tony Au. His nickname was 'Goldtooth'. He also played one of Bruce's cousins in 'The Big Boss'.

DW Forum - Did you get to say, "Let ME take care of him!."

Bey Logan - Yes, but I said "Let me take CARE of him!" (Or was it "Let me take care of Him'...) I hate to give them a plug, but Tai Seng are bringing out a DVD version of the show, with a commentary by Donnie himself.

DW Forum - Before I forget your impression of Roy Horan's "TAKE THEM TO THE GRAVEYARD MAYBE THEN THEY'LL CHANGE THEIR MINDS!"on the GOD II dvd had me in stitches, I had to keep rewinding it so I could catch it again

It looked it was Roy's real voice in the film and it just cracked me up loads.

Bey Logan - If it freaked you out, imagine how Roy felt when I used that line to introduce myself to him at the Milan Film Market?

DW Forum - Roy seemed a bit pissed off towards the end of the commentary, he failed to see your humour when you hit him with that line at the end of the commentary. When you said, "We'll take them to the graveyard next time", and he just went, "uhh, yeh ok!", I thought it was pretty funny.

Bey Logan - Yes, several reviewers picked up on that, but it must have just been Roy's patrician tone. I don't remember any contretemps in the studio. I think maybe its because he corrected me when I suggested there were two units shooting simultaneously, and, hey, he was right and I was wrong!

DW Forum - That was an interesting reply to how you got your "big break" in hong kong. I thought those two jackie chan docu's my story/my stunts were very good, sticking with jc for a moment do you have any future projects planned concerning jackie chan?.

Bey Logan - Thanks. I liked 'Stunts' more than 'Story', and I'm always happy how many people around the world still enjoy them both. I had a great time with Jackie on 'Highbinders', and, oddly enough, someone did approach me about another project with him. I'm still thinking about it!

DW Forum - I'd like to ask you a question about your friend donnie yen, I saw his film "iron monkey" and those kicks he was doing were unbelievable.....I mean they were so fast, were those kicks captured at regular speed?

Bey Logan - Yes, they did undercrank those scenes, for cinematic effect, but, my God, the guy is super-fast anyway! DW Forum - By the way can you remind me how you got your nickname "the beast"?

Bey Logan - There was, and is, I guess, a martial artist-turned-actor named Kevin Brewerton, who was great friend of mine, back in the day!, and he was 'The Jedi', and I thought I should have my own nickname. He called me 'The Beast', which is ironic, as everyone knows I'm so cultured and nice!

DW Forum - From your experience and from where you currently reside what films do you think regenerated the hong kong film industry from the mid 80's to the present did films like "purple storm" & "gen y cops" make such an impact. Here do you see the hk film industry say in 10yrs time. bey i'm also looking for some info about which films josie ho has starred in and anything on cordelia choy who had a very brief scene in jackie chan's city hunter.

Bey Logan - I thought 'Purple Storm' was a terrific movie, the best film Media Asia has made to date. Unfortunately, it didn't make much of impact at the local box office. 'Gen-Y Cops' did better, but not as much as expected. I think our fate rests with the next line- up : Michelle's 'The Touch', Jackie's 'Highbinders', Jet's 'Hero'...My own favourite of recent Hong Kong actioners was 'Shaolin Soccer'. The last really great Chinese martial arts movie was actually 'Fist Of Legend'. My own feeling is that the film industry of ten years time will be focussed more on 'world cinema', than localised cinema, because of advances in the ways films are made, marketed and shown. The Hong Kong element will still be strong, though. Josie Ho has been in a bunch of movies, some better than others. She just won Best Supporting Actress for her role in the drama 'A Time For Hope'. She has a very quick cameo in 'Highbinders'. Cordelia is visible dancing on the boat in 'Rush Hour', and is now married and very pregnant. Sorry to shatter your dream.

DW Forum - You mentioned on the 'Game of Death' commentary that Madelena Chan was constantly taking notes from Bruce on the set of 'Enter the Dragon' about ideas for 'Game of Death'. Unfortunately she couldn't remember much. Was there anything that she could remember about GAME please e.g. Lee's character name, co-stars to appear etc???

Bey Logan - I love Madalena, who is still very much on the scene as a local casting director, but one of the most frustrating things about her is that she spent all that time with Bruce and, regarding 'Game Of Death', she CAN'T REMEMBER A DAMN THING!

DW Forum - Also, have you ever been told by anyone that Bruce was going to play the characater of 'Tang Lung' in GAME?? (Chaplin Chang told me this last year on this forum and i have heard that Bruce was planning a trilogy of films for the character of 'Tang Lung')

Bey Logan - Chaplin is a daft old bugger, so take a pinch of salt with that one. He has some other problems, and is one of the few people in the Bruce Lee circle with whom I will not associate.

DW Forum - The book you wrote about hong kong action cinema was an excellent read,do you have any plans to write a follow up to bring the hk film industry up to date. How influenced do you think the hk film industry is by hollywood?.

Bey Logan - I've been working, intermittently, on various follow-up books. Brett Ratner has suggested that we write one together. I think an updated 'Hong Kong Action Cinema' is a great idea, but its something that Titan Books would have to have faith in, as they have the rights. I think the influence of Hong Kong on Hollywood is obvious, and acknowledged, and the influence in the opposite direction is just as great, but hardly ever mentioned. I remember stunt coordinator Vic Armstrong telling me that he met John Woo at the premiere of his directorial debut 'Joshua Tree', and apologised for ripping off his style for a gunfight, and John says "Don't worry, Vic. I've been stealing from you for years..."

DW Forum - Do you know if any of the other Bruce Lee HKL dvd's have special hidden "Easter Egg" features, we have only found the ones on the Big Boss dvd, do you know if HKL put any on the others?

Bey Logan - Now that is a question for Brian at HKL! I absolutely have no idea. I haven't even seen ONE easter egg feature on any DVD ever!

DW Forum - Also I believe Drunken Master and Snake in the Eagles Shadow were early DVD's of HKL and you didn't do the commentary, was that because you wasn't signed up by them at that time or was a commentary not needed? Because they're both great films and a commentary would have been the best. The old Drunken guy is the best did he do his own flips or was it a stunt double?

Bey Logan - I think I was not yet onboard when the first discs came out, but the good news (I guess!) is that HKL will re-issue these films, and I will be doing commentaries for both titles. The old Drunken guy was Yuen Siu Tin, aka Simon Yuen, father of Yuen Woo-ping. He was really an old guy, and had to be doubled, by one of his other sons, for his flips!

DW Forum - Finally tell me to mind my own business if you don't want to answer this but how much are you paid to do a commentary, is it a job that would eventually make you as wealthy as a king? (Well quite rich anyway)

Bey Logan - I don't mind telling, but I think HKL might not thank me for it! As it is, I do okay out here in The Kong anyway, but I have no complaints about the HKL deal.

DW Forum - DVD's should be bought for extras and a DVD without a commentary is pretty crummy, so you play a HUGE part in the DVD's success I believe my friend.

Bey Logan - I'll attach this comment to my next demand for a pay rise...!

DW Forum - I just wondered what company owns the rights to those "Ninja Turtles" films, old skool' as they are I do love 'em. They're by Golden Harvest so would HKL ever get them?

Bey Logan - The 'TMNT' movies remain part of the Golden Harvest library, and so are managed by Peter "No English accents permitted" Poon at Fortune Star. The first one was fun, wasn't it? The others intermittently so.

DW Forum - Have you met Ernie Reyes Jr, he's really good for his age. Pretty funny to see him in Red Sonja all those years back.

Bey Logan - I've never met Li'l Ernie. Did you see his part in 'Rush Hour 2'? He got to run, but he never got to fight!

DW Forum - I heard recently that Jackie Chan is going deaf and his vision is going, is there any truth in that? Also whats this accident on the "Armour of God" set I keep hearing about, I'm not much of a fan of his, I've always been for Bruce. I just wondered.

Bey Logan - Yes, I read that earlier post as well. Having just spent a year, on and off, working with Jackie, I can report that he is in excellent health. There's certainly no truth to the suggestion that his eyesight or hearing are failing. He does occasionally experience severe back pain, but, after the years of abuse, that's hardly a surprise. There was an incident on the Bangkok set where a wire cut his face, and it got blown out of proportion, as usual, by the press. He didn't got to hospital, didn't have stitches and was back to normal in a couple of days. I don't know how these rumours start, but this one is way off the mark.

DW Forum - If you had the chance, who would you have liked to interveiw, dead or alive. and have you ever interveiwed any of the lee family. also what did you think of nino bernado, I saw him with samuel kwok and ip chun back in the eighties doing some seminar.

Bey Logan - Of course, I'd love to have interviewed Bruce Lee, when he was alive (otherwise it would be a very one-sided conversation). Of the Lee family, I met and interviewed Brandon, and we had a meeting about a film called 'Mantis', which was never made. He was such a great guy. I met Shannon when she was filming 'Enter The Eagles' here in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, I'm persona non grata with her and the rest of the Lee clan, apart from Robert! Nino was, and, I presume, is da bomb. To be honest with you, unless they're training or fighting, most martial arts people are really boring! Nino, on the other hand, is a Wing Chun master who speaks eight languages, rollerskates, plays a wicked classical guitar, tells jokes.... He was a great teacher, and fun to hang out with. I hope he's happy and healthy, wherever he is, and wish he all the best.

DW Forum - What is your favourite Bruce Lee film and for what reasons please?

Bey Logan - My favourite Bruce movie is 'Fist Of Fury'. It has the highest intensity of martial arts action, the structure is the tightest of all his films and I think its his best acting performance. I love the moment after he kicks the Japanese master through the shoji panel, and he looks skyward, and the music swells. Its a great beat.

DW Forum - Also your favourite martial arts film and favourite Jackie Chan film?

Bey Logan - My favourite martial arts movie is 'Prodigal Son', directed by Sammo Hung and starring Yuen Biao. The choreography on that film has never been bettered. Also, it has a strong storyline and colourful characters. Its full of texture. You could watch it every day and notice some new detail. My favourite Jackie Chan film is 'Drunken Master 2'. Again, it has the best structure of his Hong Kong films, and there's real heart to the family relationship between Jackie's character, his 'dad' Ti Lung and his 'mom' Anita Mui. Also, it stars Lau Kar Leung, a bona fide Hung Gar legend. (And, yes, I'd love to do a commentary for this film, but I don't think it will ever happen!).

DW Forum - What was it like doing your version of Fist of Fury when you played Bob Baker?

Bey Logan - It was hard work. I always had a tough time with screen fighting, which is why I moved behind the camera, where I belong! I remember we had one day to shoot the fight, and we filmed from 4.00 in the afternoon to 4.00 the following morning!

DW Forum - I have watched all the HKL DVD's with your commentary, and thought 'yes, this is the sort of job I would like when I am older'. How did u first get into the job you do?

Bey Logan - I volunteered to do a Mega Star DVD commentary for 'Fist Of Fury', and it was well-received. One of the odd things about Media Asia was that, even if you did something well, you didn't get asked back to do it again! I think certain people in the company didn't want individual executives to get more popular and famous than they were. Then Medusa asked me to do commentaries for them, and they were well-received, and the same people at Media Asia didn't like it! Maybe that's why they don't want me to do commentaries for the US market. If you want to do Hong Kong movie DVD commentaries, study the field, do your research for each title and welcome aboard!

DW Forum - What would you say is the most valuble thing that Bruce said?

Bey Logan - I'd go back to the classic one : "Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is specifically your own." (At least, I think that's how it goes...)

DW Forum - Just recently there was some talk about a version of "tower of death" by SEASONAL FILMS and released on the RAINBOW VIDEO label that's allegedly supposed to contain original '72 "g.o.d" you know anything about this?.

Bey Logan - Like everyone else who checks out these forums, I've read about this video. No-one seems to have actually seen it, though, and Ng See-yuen, who produced 'Tower Of Death', says it news to him. Doesn't it seem strange that no-one else anywhere ever came across a copy of this version before, or, indeed, any stills therefrom? In Asian film circles, anything is possible, but I'll believe it when I see it!

DW Forum - Do you believe Bruce to the best all round martial artist of the 20th century, how did you become a fan of his?

Bey Logan - I believe that Bruce Lee was, without doubt, the most important martial artist of any century. No-one has been the evangelist he was for the martial arts, and his influence has benefited millions of people throughout the world, physically, mentally and spiritually. This is his true and lasting legacy, rather than the issue of whether or not he could have beaten anyone, anywhere, any time, or which particular branch of Jeet Kune Do is 'real'! I first became fascinated with Bruce Lee after I saw a black-and-white 'Enter The Dragon' picture for sale in a theatre lobby. The image alone was enough!

DW Forum - Do you have a Bruce lee collection of any kind?

Bey Logan - Yes, but its quite selective. I keep some books, magazines and DVDs. I got rid of a lot of videotapes, because tape fades and they take up a lot of space.

DW Forum - Also which is your favourite Bruce Lee doc and why?

Bey Logan - I have a soft spot for 'Bruce Lee, The Legend', because it was the first! Most of the rest have been rehashing the same material. 'Warrior's Journey' is actually a lot better than its given credit for. People are judging John Little, for some reason, rather than his work.

DW Forum - You said earlier that you didnt think that bruces concept of jkd would know longer exist if he was still around! do you not think that with his popularity, (because lets face it, he would of become a massive star) he would of felt slightly pressured into carrying on with it, purely on a financial point?

Bey Logan - Had Bruced lived and made the planned triumphant return to Hollywood, he would have been able to write his own ticket. I believe he would have focussed all his energies into starring, writing, directing and producing. The financial returns from Jeet Kune Do, or, indeed, any martial art, would be tiny compared to the revenue generated by this kind of film-making empire. I think its evident Bruce didn't like teaching anyway. He would probably have kept training with a small group for, primarily, his own benefit. Maybe when he got older, he would have retired from film and devoted his energies to martial arts and philosophy.

DW Forum - Also is it true that someone in the wing chun community sued the Lee estate or jkd nucleus and won?

Bey Logan - That was a gag, and a good one, at that. I can't believe so many people fell for the 'Star Wars/GOD' story, and the 'Shannon suing Bruce Lee fans' one. I wasn't responsible for any of them (but I kind of wish I was...)

DW Forum - What is your opinion of dan inosanto? for some reason he has been critisized by some people in the bruce lee community.

Bey Logan - Dan is the man. He's a living treasure of the martial arts community, and he was flying the flag for Jeet Kune Do for over twenty years, before everyone else came out of the woodwork to try and make a buck. Dan actually lost money staying true to what he believed Bruce would want. Shame on anyone inside, or outside, the JKD community for criticising this great man, the nunchaku case of whom they are not fit to carry.

DW Forum - And finally are any of bruces original students still teaching? and if so what are they teaching.

Bey Logan - I believe that many of Bruce's students are still around. Many of them are in the JKD Nucleus. The only one I have any direct experience of is Ted Wong, who is very impressive, both as a person and a martial artist.

DW Forum - What would you say is the most rare Lee footage you have ever seen?

Bey Logan - I guess you'd have to define rare in terms of the number of other people who still haven't seen it. In that case, it would be the entire reel of 'Enter The Dragon' off-cuts. I don't think that many fans have seen the whole thing (though I did screen it for a gathering of Japanese fans a couple of years ago.) In terms of what was rarest for the longest, it would be all the 'Game Of Death' footage, of course!

DW Forum - Anything to get my feet inside the hong kong film industry, i'll sweep studio floors if thats what it takes, can you help?

Bey Logan - I actually think that there are opportunities for westerners in Hong Kong cinema. Certainly, I get offered more work than I can handle, given my commitments to EMG, HKL and the Logan clan. As with any industry, you need a unique skill set to really make it. You have to be able to write, edit and re-write English. You should be able to provide creative writing, from movie synopses to taglines to scripts. It helps if you can speak some Cantonese and/or Mandarin. You need a professional approach and attitude, which is the problem most film fans have when they try and enter the real world! You have to have patience, stamina and good social skills. Being a die-hard Hong Kong film expert may help, but I think most film companies are more concerned with your ability to function in the 'hear and now' of the current market. Finally, you have to come and live in Hong Kong, the most exciting city in the world! If anyone actually makes the move, drop me a line and we can meet up.

DW Forum - I love Maria Yi, have you ever met her?, I just watch Bigboss over and over just to see her, she is pure beuty, what does she look like now? Who is the most sexy female Hong Kong star you have seen?, I bet you have a few stories to tell?

Bey Logan - Maria Yi was lovely, wasn't she? I have never met her, and have no idea where she went. My best guess is that she married a rich guy and retired. That was the best career prospect for most Chinese actresses of that era. I hope that she's married with kids, and happy wherever she is. I do have stories tell, but this is definitely not the time and place. Forget Hong Kong stars : The sexiest woman of all time is Christy Chung, with whom I worked on 'Gen-Y Cops' and 'Highbinders'. My son Ryan has play dates with her daughter Yasmin, and I guess that's as close as our genes are gonna get (damn it...)

DW Forum - Just seen Samo Hung's 'Iron Fisted monk' and like you his one of my all time favourites too, How close was Samo to Bruce? I know Samo came in 'Enter The Dragon', Did Samo and Bruce ever trained with each other?

Bey Logan - Sammo and Bruce met several times at the Golden Harvest studios, and they had a very warm relationship. They didn't train together as such, though I know there was an incident when Sammo wanted to test Bruce's skill, and came away impressed by his abilities. As I was saying earlier, the Hong Kong stunt guys of that era, including Sammo, were as tough as they come. There's no way they would have give face to a paper tiger. That's why I always laugh at these American points fighting champions who dispute whether or not Bruce was a 'real' fighter like them!

DW Forum - One more question: I guess you have seen 'Operation Scorpio' the Liu Chia Liang classic. Can you tell any more on the the bad guy, what an excellent kicker. Ithin his name is Won Jon. Has he come in any other films?

Bey Logan - Not only have I seen that film, but I'm doing the commentary for it later this week. It was actually directed by David Lai, and not Liu Chia-liang, a fact which had also escaped me until recently! Won Jon is a Korean gentleman. Mike Leeder knows him better than I. He is still around, and his other films include Corey Yuen's 'Women On The Run' and Stanley Tong's 'China Strike Force'.

DW Forum - Do you know the date Bruce returned from HK to take his family there? Was is after making "Fist of Fury"

Bey Logan - You know, I'm pretty good with facts but lousy with dates. I think Bruce brought his family over before 'Fist Of Fury', because there are photos of his wife and kids on the set.

DW Forum - As you have seen a lot of footage from "Enter", is there a fight/sparring with one of the extras? How serious do you believe it was and could you describe it?

Bey Logan - I think you're referring to the Ahna Capri footage, which I actually haven't seen. I think its described in detail elsewhere. The footage I saw was outtakes and deleted scenes from the film itself.

DW Forum - I was asking (through I-net) couple of people close to Bruce, was he a poor driver as a gossip says? That sounds interesting because I've read something like that. Is it true?

Bey Logan - I heard he was reckless and didn't pay enough attention to the traffic. Had he focussed his amazing powers of concentration, I'm sure he would have excelled at driving, or anything else, for that matter!

DW Forum - How many red Mercedes' Benz did Bruce actually have? In "Way" we can see one but it's different from a series of pics he took on Hammer Hill road. And do you have a list of Bruce's cars he had during US and HK years?

Bey Logan - No, I don't, and that's an interesting question I've never heard before. Just because he posed with a car didn't mean it was his. I guess the one you see parked outside the Cumberland Road house in some shots probably is.

DW Forum - Do you know how many minutes were filmed on "Unicorn Fist" set with Bruce? And how much you have seen of it?

Bey Logan - Technically, Bruce didn't shoot any 'Unicorn' footage, but he was filmed on the set, without his knowledge. Knowing the morals of the people involved, I think every frame shot is probably what was in the finished film, in full Lurcherama. (One thing I always wondered was why they picked a cameraman who had evidently had a three martini lunch to shoot on the sly...)

DW Forum - Have you ever talked to James Franciscus? Is he still alive?

Bey Logan - James Franciscus passed away in 1991. Sadly, I never got to meet him. Beyond the Bruce Lee aspect, I genuinely liked his performance in 'Longstreet'. He was a better actor that he was given credit for.

DW Forum - How did you came out that "Fist of Fury" was filmed partly in Macau and why the crew went there? I guess HK has similar kind of streets?

Bey Logan - In 1971 it was already quite hard to find streets in Hong Kong that realistically looked like they could have been in 1930s Shanghai. I guess Lo Wei and Raymond Chow felt that Macao made a better match.

DW Forum - Do you know of any interviews that Lee Marvin gave about Bruce Lee? Pierre Berton said he was one of Bruce's students - is that right?

Bey Logan - I believe a lot of Hollywood types dabbled in kung fu during this era, as it was kind of the 'in' thing. Seeing as Bruce was making a living training celebrity students, it may well be that Lee showed Marvin some moves. I can't see Lee Marvin training seriously, though. Maybe in Drunken Boxing...

DW Forum - Have you ever seen a single picture of Bruce with Roman Polansky? That's interesting because I've never heard of that kind of photo (they were training together for at least two years! so I figure someone took a pic of them)...

Bey Logan - No, I haven't. You have to remember that Bruce wasn't that big a deal at the time, and no-one thought he would become so famous, and then die so young. How many photos did you take with your driving instructor? I think Roman would have thought it very uncool to ask Bruce to pose for a photo, and Bruce even more so!

DW Forum - Do you have any clue why James Coburn visited Bruce in Hong Kong couple of times (and so did Stirling Silliphant in 1972). Was it connected somehow with "The Silent Flute" project?

Bey Logan - I understand that Coburn has a genuine interest in Asian culture, so he would have been interested to visit Hong Kong anyway. Coburn was probably interested in doing a film with Lee, but I think Bruce was kind of rubbing Coburn's nose in it, showing him what a huge star he had become. It certainly raised Lee's status yet further that Hollywood was coming to him!

DW Forum - Have you seen the episode of "Blondie" where Bruce appeared? It's strange but nobody seems to have seen it yet. Another 'lost in ravages of time' footage?

Bey Logan - Someone asked about this earlier. Given the amount of time elapsed, I guess the 'Blondie' episode, and the material related to it, are no more. It does seem strange. Perhaps its just that no-one's asked the right question to the right person. That was the case with the 'Game Of Death' footage.

DW Forum - What is your opinion on the current state of the martial arts / kung fu movie? I know that movies tend to go in trends in Hong Kong, do you think the kung fu movie will ever be back in vogue, or will it always now be reduced to the tv screens.

Bey Logan - I'm not really an impartial observer, because I now have quite a stake in the future of Hong Kong action cinema. However, I'm optimistic. We have three big local martial arts actioner complete and ready to take the world by storm. These are Jackie Chan's 'Highbinders', Michelle Yeoh's 'The Touch' and Jet Li's 'Hero'. Further down the line, each of the studios, including the one I work with, EMG, has a number of martial arts action films in production or development. Ask me again after Cannes!

DW Forum - Another question is film and a collegue have for the past six months been trying to do a kung fu / hong kong movie show in London but seem to be hitting a brick wall...who do we need to contact to get permission to show films? where is the best place to source 35mm prints? i know in the old days you arranged some shows so hope you can help.

Bey Logan - I'm sorry, but I'm so out of touch with the scene in the UK. I'm sure that there are prints of Hong Kong films with private collectors, but I don't have any detailed information. You could try contacting Rick Baker. I believe he now runs 'Uncle Ricky's Eastern Subzeroes', a frozen yoghurt shop in Camden.

DW Forum - Finally what is Sammo up to next?....I heard he was planning an American film any news on this...

Bey Logan - Sammo is appearing in a number of local films and t.v series, and I'm currently developing a project with him. Regarding the US market, I believe he's fielding offers, and open to more!

DW Forum - Since Hk went back to Communist rule, how is it on Westerners? Are they restricted in what they can do? Or is it pretty much the same?

Bey Logan - From my own experience, life pretty much goes on as before. I think if you were vehemently and openly anti-Beijing before the Handover, there might be more restrictions now, but I think that, overall, the principle of 'one country, two systems' has been observed better than anyone had a right to expect!

DW Forum - Also, I'm sure you've heard this a million times (here goes million and one!) Here goes:" Is there any GOD footage that remains to be seen?

Bey Logan - Yes, there is. Obviously, as I've stated before, there's the log fight (and the outtakes therefrom) and the outdoors scenes (and those outtakes).There may well be other footage relating to this, and the other Bruce Lee projects. My best guess is that it remains lost in the Golden Harvest archive, where, for legal and logistical reasons, it will probably remain.

DW Forum - And how come someone doesn't try to remake GOD using Lee's original storyline, but a different actor? I heard Jet Li's a big admirer of Bruce's work, perhaps he could play the part.The fighting could be supervised by Guro Inosanto. Good idea, eh?

Bey Logan - I actually considered doing this, and discussed it with Donnie Yen shortly after I discovered the 'Game Of Death' footage. The problem was that, if you shot the other action scenes using modern camerawork, choreography and editing techniques, by the time you got to the pagoda, those scenes might seem old-fashioned. Also, it would be almost impossible for any other actor to live up to the sheer on-screen charisma of Bruce Lee, so it was a Catch-22. I think that what John Little did with the footage in 'Warrior's Journey' was as good as it was going to get!

DW Forum - When is the HKL series hitting the US?

Bey Logan - I understand that plans are afoot. According to my former Media Asia colleague Peter Poon, my DVD commentaries will be excised, because Americans don't like English accents. I believe Ric Meyers may be doing commentaries for the US versions.

DW Forum - Could you give more of an insight to the entire reel of 'Enter The Dragon' off-cuts, which you watched? Did they show Lee cutting his hand/playing games with the extra....etc?

Bey Logan - The footage isn't really behind-the-scenes footage, as such. They're scenes actually shot for the film, with a little extra material on either side (Bruce with the clapperboard etc), much the same format as the 'Game Of Death' outtakes. It seems that, at one stage, they were planning to shoot a simultaneous Chinese version, as there are Chinese versions of the scenes between Bruce and Betty Chung, and Bruce telling Bob Wall to get out of his room in Cantonese. The outtakes include the scene where Bruce puts on his black catsuit. There's also a lot of rather boring footage of Mr.Han eating grapes and getting his lines wrong! It's a shame the footage couldn't be used on the Warners DVD of 'Enter The Dragon'.

DW Forum - Have Golden Harvest/Media Asia ever actually undertaken a proper search for the 'full-length' Big Boss? I can't believe there isn't a 35mm print out there somewhere, either in the hands of a private collector or with a foreign distributor. Last year the BBC conducted a thorough search for lost archive material and this turned up many gems, such as unseen episodes of Dad's Army and Jukebox Jury, amongst others. So, couldn't the same be done with 'Boss'?

Bey Logan - I think there might well be a 35mm print of 'The Big Boss' in the Golden Harvest archive, but, legally, its not supposed to be there, which is why no-one's going to see it any time soon. I can say for a fact that there isn't such a print at Media Asia! Maybe there's a properly preserved 35mm print elsewhere, but, until this famous 'private collector' comes forward, the 'lost' 'Big Boss' footage will remain just that.

DW Forum - While on the subject of 'Boss', you have said on many occasions over the years that you "don't know anybody who has seen the 'saw in the head' scene". I am a bit puzzled by this as it was in early Mandarin prints and so would have been witnessed by thousands of people in HK; surely you must have spoken to at least one of them? The same uncut print was also shown at KFM's Bruce Lee Film Festival in December 1979 which was attended by over 1,700 fans including people you have known such as Andy and Will of the BBLA, didn't they ever mention seeing it?

Bey Logan - I don't know that the 'saw in the head' scene was in any release print of the film, and I, personally, have never met anyone who saw it. I don't believe either Andy or Will did (though I believe Andy was once subject to an axe in the head when a juggling routine went horribly wrong, but that's another story...)

DW Forum - Were you still based in Peterborough in 1987? If so, did you attend the two Kung Fu film nights in May of that year at the old ABC Cinema on Broadway? Fist of Fury and Way of the Dragon were shown with BL The Man The Myth, and Game of Death and Big Boss were shown with Fists Of Vengeance. It was the first time I had ever seen Bruce up on the big screen, and although the films were cut, it was an unforgettable experience.

Bey Logan - Yes, I was, and a remember those theatrical shows with great affection. After I saw 'Way Of The Dragon' for the first time, I ran down Broad Street to the town square, and I was throwing kicks between the pillars of the old Civic Hall, pretending it was the Coliseum.

DW Forum - In Game of Death Lee turns to Jabbar and asks him if he can pass then kills him but goes back down instead of up. I know he shot a few double takes as he didnt know which one to use. Both Warriors Journey and Artport show some different takes. Do you know if Lee filmed himself going up the stairs? I'm not talking about an extra floor just a shot of him walking up the stairs to use at a later date for maybe a double take. I'm asking this because you worked with Artport on their project and may have seen something?

Bey Logan - That was my one big disappointment when I first saw the footage! Like everyone, I thought there was another level, with a mirror or another 'guardian'. I didn't see any footage of Lee going up the final stairs, nor have I ever heard or read an explanation for this.

DW Forum - How did Chieh Yuan get his role in the film, he hadnt been in any of the others and was an unknown so why for Lee's new film would he choose such a man rather than a regular HK film martial artist?

Bey Logan - At the time, Golden Harvest were constantly looking for real martial artists to put into their films, people like Whang In-shik, Chi Hon-tsoi and Carter Wong. Bruce himself cast three 'new faces' (Chi Hon-tsoi, Dan Inosanto, Kareem Abdul Jabbar) as the temple guardians, simply because they fit his concept. Chieh Yuan was just another guy on the Hong Kong martial arts scene getting his shot. His look and demeanour certainly fit the role. (You can also see him in a cameo in Michael Hui's 'Private Eyes'.)

DW Forum - You told me in an email last month I believe it was that a private collector had been found with Way of The Dragon footage, behind the scenes footage maybe. Do you know what it showed? Maybe the cha cha dance with nunchakus?

Bey Logan - I haven't seen it myself, but I'm certain it exists, and, yes, I understand that it has that footage on it.

DW Forum - Have you read the complete 80 pages script of Lees for The Silent Flute and what is your opinion on it in a philosophical sense, would you say it is before it's time. Any thoughts? In my own opinion he very much wanted to do it still even in 1973 as his monk scene in Enter the Dragon where he tells the abbot IT hits by itself was adapted from the Silent Flute scripts.

Bey Logan - No, and I read your earlier post, and was very keen to see it. I know Brandon was making enquiries about the script before his untimely death. He planned to make the film as a tribute to his father. I even thought the film version that David Carradine starred in had its moments.

DW Forum - Having read the Blood and Steel script for Enter the Dragon, do you favour that or the released version. They play very differently dont you think? Almost two different films. I think Blood and Steel was much more Philosophical with the waterfall scene where Lee meets Braithwaite instead of at the temple bending down on his fingertips to drink from a pool.

Bey Logan - I did read that script. One problem was that Allin had never been to Hong Kong, and so the film read like it was set in Africa or South America, with the descriptions of the animals and the jungle setting. I think the film as scripted has a remarkable screenplay for a 'kung fu movie'. Just the concept of Lee's philosophical exchanges, the lecture Han gives about the 'values of strength'... In terms of American made martial arts movies, nothing this intelligent would be attempted again until 'The Matrix'.

DW Forum - I really enjoyed your commentaries for the HKL discs. Since you're not likely to do one for an Enter the Dragon DVD, any chance you might create a home-brew one and put it out to the fans for free? I've seen one on the net where two guys sat together while watching the DVD and recorded an MP3 and put it out on the net (cause they hated the one by Paul Heller). Sounds a little crazy but maybe you could entertain this idea? Of course I know you're a busy man and no one would make a cent... thought I'd throw it out there anyways.

Bey Logan - Thanks for the vote of confidence on the commentaries. Time allowing, I guess I could do an 'Enter The Dragon', but I'm crazy busy right now. Maybe in time for the 40th anniversary!

DW Forum - I remember seeing Jackie Chan in an interview for MTV where he talked about what he did to try and stand out from the pack of Bruce-clones back in the '80's. He at one point said: (paraphrased) "I've met a lot of martial artists, even better than Bruce Lee! But people don't want to believe it. They say 'No, Bruce Lee is the king!' That's how people viewed him in Hong Kong at the time." This was back when MTV was having that series where the world's biggest fan could meet their hero and interview him. Anyways... have you ever asked Jackie about this? Who was he referring to? I have yet to really see anyone with the 'total package' move the medium forward and to a new level the way Bruce did.

Bey Logan - Jackie was referring to his bodyguard Ken Lo, Lo Wai-Kwong, and being very generous. I think he was speaking solely of martial art technique, rather than charisma or film-making skills, and, even then, I think he was being very generous!

DW Forum - Wouldn't it have been cool for Bruce to do voiceovers for a Simpsons ep? I bet anything he would've loved the show and lent his voice to a character that payed homage to his '70s years, were he alive. =D (Okay this wasn't really a question, more of a brain fart)

Bey Logan - I agree. A class moment missed! By the way, if you check out the English dubbed version of the post-Bruce era kung fu flick 'The Tournament', the master's voice sounds just like Homer.

DW Forum - In Game of Death, he breaks Ji Han Jaes back but kills Inosanto and Jabbar, Chieh Yuan is left at the bottom of the stairs. Lee defeats Jabbar, goes back down and theres no sign of Chiehs body or Ji's? Any thoughts?

Bey Logan - I think he kills all three, but Dan and Kareem die faster than Chi! Bear in mind that we really don't know how Bruce intended to cut together the final reel of 'his' 'Game Of Death'. He may well have known where he was going to cut, and so didn't need the bodies in view.

DW Forum - We was having a debate earlier about whether or not Lee used a double for his flips, was he DEFINATELY doubled by Yuan Wah? Because one of the arguments was if Lee had control over his fight scenes in WAY/GAME he didnt flip, but he also had control over his choreagraphy in BOSS/FURY and used flips, its common knowledge the man couldnt flip and didnt learn as theres no use for it in a fight so why would he choreagraph his own fight scenes with flips if he wanted to look REAL? I'm sorry if it sounds complicatef but i hope you know what I mean. But the main argument WAS Lee doubled and I was saying Yeah he was by Yuan Wah, Can you confirm this is a definate truth Bey?

Bey Logan - Lee was indeed doubled by Yuen Wah. Yuen himself attests to this, as does Jackie Chan. I guess Bruce wanted to enhance certain aspects of his film fights, and so threw in some acrobatic moves. By the way, if you look at the 'Ironside' fight, you can see Bruce do a semi-flip off Gene Lebell. I think it was his back injury that limited his movements later in his life.

DW Forum - Is Henry Wongs "Enter" footage really lost, Davis Miller told me that Weintraub had left it in a hotel room on purpose?

Bey Logan - Its definitely 'missing'. We can't really say whether its lost or destroyed. Henry told me he tried to give Fred the footage, and, when Fred wouldn't take it, he just left it. I don't know if that was at the office or hotel. It hasn't been seen since. Fred didn't know Bruce was going to die, so he didn't appreciate the value of the footage.

DW Forum - Do you believe any of the HKTVB footages exist still, I've seen pics and man they all look great!

Bey Logan - No, because TVB, like the BBC, used to wipe their tapes after a certain number of years. The charge a small fortune for their damn funeral footage. If they had any shots of the real Bruce, they'd have sold them already.

DW Forum - Ive been searching this last answer for years, now you may or may not remember off hand but on THE LEGEND documentary half way through it starts to talk about GAME OF DEATH, it has this really awesome upbeat soundtrack, I dont suppose you would know the name of the track? If you cant remember it I'll email you it.

Bey Logan - It was library music. The same theme turns up on a number of Hong Kong actioners (the titles of which escape me right now... I'll get back to you).

DW Forum - What is your take on the missing footage of "The Big Boss"? Everyone has worried about the extended cut basically disintergrating into obscurity, but what about the unedited dailies footage? If the G.O.D footage existed, then there may still be a chance that the dailies footage for "Boss", which was a few months over a year earlier when filmed, may exist. Also, a full Mandarin audio track (and I believe, even an English one) was recorded for the full version. Has anyone tried to find that and have it translated to English so it could be clearer as to what scenes were missing? I've seen the regular edit with the Mandarin tracks, but you can actually hear audio jumps where a cut scene is supposed to occur.

Bey Logan - If any of this material does exist, it'll be in the Golden Harvest storehouse. How'd I'd love to get in there with a flashlight, unlimited access and a really big truck!

DW Forum - Exactly where was the G.O.D footage found? I've just heard the ever popular "chiken s#!t" story with the condition it was found in.

Bey Logan - Again with the chicken shit! The footage was found/rediscovered/seen (take your pick) by myself in the Media Asia storage facility in Kowloon Bay. It had already been transferred to Betacam.

DW Forum - Do you have any idea where some of the alternate exterior shots for "Big Boss" were filmed? The scenes I'm referring to are when Bruce Lee and Han Ying-Chieh land on the ground in the finale and are in a leg-lock. There have been various stills showing a side shot from this scene, revealing an entire wooded area in the background, basically giving away the fact that the scene was not shot at the mausoleum/"mansion". Also, this location was used for part of the "flying dogs" scene. There's one still showing one of the dogs flying over Bruce's head with the tress, once again, in the background.

Bey Logan - Sorry! The wise man knows his own ignorance, and in this matter I am ignorant!

DW Forum - For the American/U.K. release of "The Big Boss", who did the music? It still credits Wang Fu-Ling, but I believe he only did the 1971 Mandarin music with Joseph Koo stepping in to help with 1974 Japanese release and once again in the 1980s Cantonese print. (Let's not forget the Pink Floyd tracks "Time" and "Obscured by Clouds" )

Bey Logan - See above.

DW Forum - For the original G.O.D, was the theory of the mirrors at the top floor moved back and forth because of the ending to "Silent Flute"? The ending has Cord "The Seeker" open the Book of Enlightenment to find out where true enlightenment lies... in one's self. This seems to match the philosophy that Lee was trying to express in it, yet story wise, it would've made an ending difficult as how would he explain to the mob boss about what he found up top? I think the ending he had works, except for when he says "Please let me pass", if he didn't say that, it would've just seemed like he was basically clearing the floors for the mob boss.

Bey Logan - I, too, expected a book of mirrors at the top of the pagoda. I still haven't really seen a complete, logical narrative for 'Game Of Death', so its hard to say where Bruce would have gone with the ending.

DW Forum - What happened to Jon Benn's Bruce Lee cafe/bar on HK Island? And on a similar note, I have heard about a planned memorial to Bruce being built in HK, how's that progressing (if at all)?

Bey Logan - I'm sorry there was such a long break in transmission! I had to finish up our 'Life In The Day Of Maggie Q' for the 'Naked Weapon' DVD, then take a British producer and my son Ryan to see 'Twins Effect'. All in a day's work. Anyway, now I can focus my mind, alone in my study here in Quarry Bay, with Norah Jones playing and the kids asleep...Have you heard the saying "When all's said and done, more's said than done"? The Cafe lasted around 4 years, then died a natural death. It suffered from bad management, indifferent location and the total lack of support from the Hong Kong Tourist Association and the local Bruce Lee fan groups. We had a lot of fun in the old place, though! I don't know of any progress, ever, on a Hong Kong Bruce Lee memorial. Its a disgrace, isn't it?

DW Forum - If my magic, you could see one of the following, which would it be and why:

Way of the Dragon outtakes/behind the scenes footage;

HK TVB interviews;

Original, longer Mandarin print of Big Boss;

Blondie episode 'Pick On A Bully Your Own Size';

Game of Death outdoor footage

Bey Logan - I'll discount the 'Way' footage, as there's an outside and unmagical chance that I might see it. I think we've seen most of the GOD outdoor material already, and the 'Boss' stuff is more of the same. I guess it'd be the 'Blondie' episode!

DW Forum - What do you think of Bruce's performance in Here Come The Brides? I think it's the best TV work he did with the exception of the Longstreet pilot. And do you know who dubbed his voice for some of the outdoor scenes in the episode? I gather he sustained a groin injury and couldn't dub those scenes.

Bey Logan - I know Bruce was dubbed, but I didn't know it was for that reason. He seems to have had a susceptible groin! I've heard that reason given as explanation for stories relating to 'Big Boss' and 'Enter The Dragon'! Sometimes scenes featuring guest players on TV series are looped by voiceover artists for logistical reasons.

DW Forum - Theres stories now of Way of the Dragon Behind the Scenes footage, have you seen or know anything of these please?

Bey Logan - I've been hearing about that footage for years, but neither I, nor anyone I know, has actually seen it for themselves. The story I heard was that one of the editors saved some off-cuts, and then lent the film to someone who never returned it, and that the film now lies in the hands of our old friend APC (A Private Collector). Its meant to be Bruce goofing off on the set of 'Way', doing the cha-cha while swinging his nunchakus, that kind of thing. If someone has it, lets all take a look. Otherwise, enough already!

DW Forum - The longer print of The Big Boss was shown at Kung Fu Monthly's Bruce Lee Film Festival in London in December 1979. I just wondered why you didn't attend this historic event, since you were writing for KFM around this time?

Bey Logan - My recollection is that I first went to Hong Kong around that time, then started writing for KFM on my return. The legendary film festival had happened before I was fully on the scene.

DW Forum - Have HKL asked you to do a commentary on Drunken Master and Snake in the Eagles Shadow yet?

Bey Logan - Yes, and I'm just waiting for them to come around in the Platinum Edition schedule!

DW Forum - What is your own opinion on HKL's newly rereleased WAY DVD, the film pretty was apparently not improved a great deal, the extras were basically the same with Robert Lee looking very suspect and the menus not as good. Also they sold all 5 DVDS with an extra interview one. My question is do you think HKL are getting greedy at all? Are these new dvd's really THAT necessary, I just wondered what you thought.

Bey Logan - You know, I hate to admit it, but I haven't seen the new DVDs yet, as I haven't been sent any. I'll pass judgement when I have!

DW Forum - In Game of Death why does James Tien throw down his stick to pick up Chieh Yuan off the floor only to drop it a second time when he beckons Bruce to go up the stairs. Why does he pick it up again? Was this just bad editing or a possible missing scene of James attacking Inosanto again. James attacks Ji Han Jae on the floor above so maybe he did that to Inosanto as well and Lee just thinks Bah your such a fool. Any thoughts?

Bey Logan - Its just a duff edit. There's definitely no evidence (in clips or stills) of a second round between James and Dan.

DW Forum - How long were the film reels for the film? I heard 20 minutes. Someone claimed to own 18 minutes of Outdoor test footage which would leave 2 minutes, most probably containing the log scene. I always thought it strange that footage exists of Inosanto climbing out of his chair then misses a couple of mins then back to where he destroys him.

Bey Logan - The standard is 20. I'd have said that this lost footage would have surfaced by now, but then I found out that the 'Way' material was out there, so perhaps not. A lot of 'GOD' material seems to have been cut and pasted during the whole process of editing clips for 'Man And The Legend', 'The Legend' and the different versions of the '78 'Game Of Death', and its entirely possible that material was lost to the cutting room floor.

DW Forum - Where is Benny Urquidez these days and could you please comment on his rumoured 'Death Matches', are these the reason the guy has a 'squashed' face. I think the guys magic and would have definately given Lee his toughest fight.

Bey Logan - Benny is alive and well and living in LA. I believe he was on hand for the recent Bruce Lee Convention. If I know anyone capable of fighting to the death, its Benny, but I know he never has! He's a committed Christian, and a truly good man. He's also my son Ryan's godfather!

DW Forum - What ever happened to the REAL Frank Dux as portrayed in Bloodsport, I saw a pic of him and he looks kinda like Joe Lewis?

Bey Logan -I think he's still around the LA martial arts scene. The last I heard, he was in court with Van Damme over the script for 'The Quest'.

DW Forum - Are the Bloodsport Kumites still going on in Hong Kong?

Bey Logan - No, and they never were. Frank Dux had a great imagination and was a good salesman!

DW Forum - What do they use to make the sound effects of a nunchaku in the films?

Bey Logan - Now that's a good question... I'm going to find that out and get back to you.

DW Forum - What can you tell us about the small Tyson guy in the centre, he also takes a whipping off Williams and he was in Fist of Fury. Whats his name please and do you have any info or stories on him at all?

Bey Logan - That's Ng Ming-choi, who was a regular in the films of King Hu, particularly 'Legend Of The Mountain'. As a martial arts stuntman, you can see him in supporting roles in films like 'Hapkido'. He starred in a movie called 'Budo Wing' and various others.

DW Forum - I know you consider "Dragon" to be a fun hollywood bio...but I'm wondering if you think an accurate bio could really be made (in the vein of a Malcolm X or Ghandi)? An art house film with limited martial art action?

Bey Logan - I certainly think that someone could do another Bruce Lee bio pic. I think the best idea would be to do one focussing on the Hong Kong years, set in Hong Kong and shot in Cantonese. That would avoid comparisons with 'Dragon'. I think even the harshest critics of 'Dragon' have to agree that Jason Scott Lee delivered a remarkable performance, so it'd be tough to find another 'Bruce' to perform in English.

DW Forum - What are your top 3 favorite books on the man?

Bey Logan - I'd say the first edition of 'Bruce Lee, The Man Only I Knew', by Linda Lee, which I remember reading on a park bench in Kowloon when I first came to visit Hong Kong, aged 19! 'The Making Of Enter The Dragon', because it had such a great mix of narrative and rare photos. Then I'd cheat and say I liked all the John Little books (except the obvious one!). John did some great work organising and presenting Bruce's notes and ideas.

DW Forum - What's the general feeling or memories of the populace of hong kong and that of south east asia concerning lee siu long & do they still hold him in reverance as they did back in the day?

Bey Logan - I think that Bruce Lee fandom is much more active in the West, and people around the world are more interested in him now than those in Asia are.

DW Forum - Is the hk bruce lee fanclub still active?

Bey Logan - They just made a comeback with an event here, which had Betty Ting Pei in attendance!

DW Forum - Who are you currently working for & what projects are you involved in?

Bey Logan - Too many! I now have my own company, Shankara Productions, and I'm cooperating with the brightest and best in East and West. The next films on my slate are 'Sword Searchers', with Jackie Chan and Nicholas Tse, and 'Kung Fu Master', a prequel to 'Fist Of Fury'.

DW Forum - Do you see yourself ever coming back to the uk?

Bey Logan - Not to live, but, as long as they let a villain like me back into the country, I'll come to visit! I might next be back in last August.

DW Forum - Do you train in any martial arts?

Bey Logan - I train in Hung Gar and Chen style Tai Chi, and anything else that takes my interest!

If you're not Kareem, I can kick above your head, so I'm kind of happy about that!

DW Forum - What is the most rarest thing on bruce that you own?

Bey Logan - The rarest thing I own would probably be the full 'GOD' outtakes. Some other people have them, but not many.

DW Forum - This has been a really good chat Bey, thanks for joining us man.

Bey Logan - Its been a blast. I kind of took a sabbatical from the whole Bruce Lee experience after I left Media Asia to do 'Highbinders', and its nice to get back in the mix with such good company.